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At Morrisons we are proud of all our fresh fish and seafood sold in our stores and café.

70 Species of seafood

We currently offer nearly 70 species of fish & seafoodbecause we know customers are interested in trying different things.

Over 1,000 fishmongers

With over 1,000 fully trained in-store fishmongers, advice on cooking and preparation is always at hand.

Responsibly sourced

We aim to source fish which is caught or farmed using methods which are the least detrimental to the marine environment.

Seafood Sourcing

Our approach to seafood sourcing encompasses the global scale of the industry and we aim to provide some insight into how Morrisons participates collaboratively to understand, formulate and implement the necessary changes to deliver this.

Put simply Morrisons seafood sourcing is about:

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Seafood provides nutrition, employment and community development opportunity to 100's of million of people globally. Around 10% of the worlds population rely on fishing and aquaculture for their livelihoods.


Productive ecosystems that support a diverse variety of species in which the inputs and outputs of human activity, especially fishing and farming, are known and managed.


Millions of people are employed directly and indirectly in seafood supply chains. As a commodity seafood in 2012 valued US$129 billion.

Source: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2014 report

We decided not to use third party logos on our branded products to tell you about our seafood sources as they don’t always included the elements that we believe are important and due to the number available are often confusing.

Instead of third party logos we put our responsibly sourced and responsibly farmed logos onto our fresh seafood products.

Responsible Sourced Logos

The criteria we use to decide whether these logos can be used on our products is based on the codes of conduct developed by the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

Sustainable Seafood Coalition is a group of like-minded businesses that are united in a vision of sustainable seafood for all.

As a member we have adopted the voluntary codes of conduct for the environmental labelling and sourcing of seafood products.