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Responsible Business Practices and Policies Are At The Heart Of Our Corporate Responsibility Programme.

Our stakeholders are interested in our position on key issues, such as our approach to animal welfare or how we work with our suppliers to ensure good working conditions.

You can read about these issues, as well as our approach to things like sustainable sourcing, by exploring the sections below.


Our priority is to ensure that customers have the information they need to drink responsibly and that sales are only made to those over the age of 18.

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Animal Welfare

We take animal welfare seriously, from working with farmers up to the point of slaughter.

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Animal Testing

Morrisons has never conducted or commissioned tests on animals for any of our products.

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Carbon Management

Our ambitious carbon reduction plan will see us reduce our total emissions by 30% by 2020 compared with 2005.

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Carrier Bags

We charge 5p for all single use carrier bags in line with legislation and the proceeds are donated to good causes.

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British Farming

We have been working with British farmers for more than 100 years and are committed to sourcing British first.

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Ethical Trading

We recognise the responsibility we share with our suppliers to ensure that the people who make our products are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

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Fish & Seafood

Our comprehensive sourcing programme aims to source seafood which is caught or farmed using methods which are least detrimental to the marine environment.

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Food Safety

Food safety is our absolute priority. We set high standards for our own brand suppliers, manufacturing sites and stores to ensure our products are safe for our customers.

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Food Waste

As an issue that affects our whole supply chain and our customers as well and we are working hard to ensure that good food in fields, processing sites, depots, stores and households doesn't end up as waste.

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We operate a comprehensive product sampling programme to ensure genetically modified ingredients (including additives and processing aids) are not used in any of our own brand products.

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Healthy Eating

We're taking a range of actions to make it easier for customers to make balanced choices in store, without having to compromiseon taste, quality or affordability.

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Packaging is important to ensure our customers can enjoy products in the best possible condition. However, we will only use what is necessary.

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Palm Oil

Palm oil is an important ingredient for many of our products and we are committed to sourcing it from certified, sustainable supply chains to minimise the impacts associated with its production.

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Religious Slaughter

All Morrisons branded fresh meat is from British animals which have been stunned before slaughter.

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We are committed to responsible sourcing and continue to monitor the impacts of our supply chain on the production of key commodities including soy.

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We are committed to responsible sourcing and use supply chain systems which minimise the environmental impact associated with the production of important raw materials like timber.

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Welsh Language

We pride ourselves on great service and have a number of measures in place to ensure we support and promote the use of the Welsh language.

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