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Corporate Responsibility

Our corporate responsibility programme ensures we operate in a way that is right for our customers, colleagues and suppliers, whilst making a positive contribution to society and taking good care of the environment.

Morrisons Corporate Responsibility Report 2017/18

Read a snapshot of Morrisons Corporate Responsibility activities during 2017/18 as well as future plans for our strategy.

Changing Our Use Of Plastic

By 2025, all Morrisons branded plastic packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable

We will reduce Morrisons plastic packaging by25% by 2025

81%Morrisons branded plastic packaging is currently
recyclable by weight

We are committed to reducing unnecessary packaging, using recyclable or recycled material wherever possible, and working with suppliers on packaging innovation to ensure our packaging is only there to protect and preserve the product it contains.

Good Food Should Never Be Wasted

Over 4m products donatedto local community groups from our stores

50 seasonal varieties of Wonky Vegsold in our stores

1.5m meals donated to FareSharethrough our manufacturing sites

Love Food Hate Wastesupporters

By building smarter supply chains we reduce avoidable food waste. We follow the food waste hierarchy of prevention, optimisation, recycling, recovery and, as a last resort, responsible disposal.

Morrisons Corporate Responsibility Updates

Seafood sourcing

Find out more about our responsible fishing programme and how we work with NGOs looking at risks in our supply chain in our updated seafood pages.

Animal welfare

Read about our policies, ranges and FAQs on farm animal welfare.

Morrisons Corporate Responsibility Stories and Programmes

Morrisons farming programme

Morrisons Farming
Morrisons work with British farmers to ensure the industry remains competitive, profitable and sustainable.

Buying 100% British

Morrisons continue to lead the market through our commitment to buying British meat. All Morrisons-branded fresh meat and milk is British.

Research and development

Morrisons vertical integration, and its public commitment to British sourcing of key proteins, means that a competitive British farming industry is essential to the business. We don’t just buy from the farmers we work with; we work with them to improve their business and ours. To do this more effectively, we established an expert-led programme in 2009.

Morrisons Farming Programme

Morrisons farming programme looks at ways of making UK livestock production more sustainable and resilient, working with the farming community and industry experts.

Our farming programme covers a broad range of issues from keeping British produce competitive with imports, strengthening our commitment to animal welfare and broader sustainability. At the core of the programme are our supply chain groups that help us to ensure that the work we do is fully focused on current practical issues affecting suppliers and their concerns for the future. The groups are comprised of farmers and processors and cover all species- beef, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs, cheese and milk.

Morrisons seafood programme

Morrisons Seafood Programme

Seafood generates significant economic output, affects livelihoods around the world and is a major in global food source. However, there are significant challenges to ensure that seafood is brought to marketplace from responsible supply chains.

For our part, to minimise the impact on the marine environment we carefully verify that there is sufficient stock in the fisheries we buy from and ensure the catch method is responsible and fisheries are carefully managed.

Find out more about where we source our fish, catch methods and environmental practices of our fisheries.

Love food, Hate waste

As signatories to the Courtauld Commitment, we work collaboratively to support WRAP with its industry target to reduce household food and drink waste.

Morrisons Love Food Hate Waste

Our challenge is to help our customers think more about their food waste, make the most of the food they buy in our stores, whilst helping them to save money, reduce waste and minimise their own environmental impact.

We actively support WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign; this is driven through our corporate social media channels, website and internal communications.

We provide information, hints and tips on how best to plan their food shopping, store food once it’s bought and then utilise leftovers to save money and reduce waste.

Online shopping

Morrisons online shoppers can better manage the contents of their fridge through the information set out on their customer receipt, which includes product by product details of where to store their items and when they need to be used by.

Carrier bag charging

Morrisons Carrier Charge

While we encourage Morrisons customers to use a longer lasting ‘bag for life’ we understand there will always be some demand for single use carrier bags. To minimise their impact our carrier bags use recycled material and are exceptionally durable, allowing them to be reused, which we encourage.

We are using proceeds generated from the levy on carrier bags to support the Morrisons Foundation.

Campylobacter update

Morrisons Campolobacter Update

Morrisons have been working hard to reduce Campylobacter levels in fresh chicken.

We have introduced a Campylobacter reduction plan which has shown significant improvements year on year. Our results are now consistently below the 7% FSA target.

Morrisons Policies

The Morrisons Corporate Responsibility programme is underpinned with responsible business practices and policies. Our stakeholders are interested in our position on key issues, such as our approach to animal welfare or how we work with our suppliers to ensure good working conditions. These and a range of other issues including our sustainable sourcing policies, are covered by the information here.

Morrisons Policies

Find out our policies on the issues that matter most to Morrisons customers.

Morrisons Ethical Trading Programme

Morrisons Policies

With thousands of products sold in our stores, our supply chain and the people within it span the globe.

Monitoring Our Standards

Customers expect us to take responsibility for fair supply chain working conditions, protection of workers' rights and good relationships with our suppliers. Our Ethical Trading Code sets out the standards on working conditions and human rights that we expect all suppliers to adhere to, and is incorporated into our standard terms and conditions of purchase for all suppliers. In our Ethical Trading Policy and Supplier Handbook, we set out the requirements for our own-brand suppliers to demonstrate compliance and provide guidance and support throughout this process.

Collaboration & Engagement

We're committed to building the capacity of our colleagues and our suppliers to help improve working conditions in our supply chain.

  • We provide a range of practical tools and training sessions to support suppliers, including our Supplier Ethical Trading Handbook, online webinar training, and face-to-face sessions in key sourcing countries.
  • We train technical, commercial and manufacturing colleagues on the importance of ethical trading and our standards. In addition, our Global Sourcing office in Hong Kong is equipped to engage closely with suppliers in the region to drive improvements.
  • We also play an active role in a variety of multi-stakeholder networks to collaborate on improving working conditions in global supply chains.

Tackling Modern Slavery

Forced labour and human trafficking are abhorrent abuses of human rights where exploitative criminals prey on vulnerable people. Modern slavery is a complex issue to tackle so we work collaboratively to help develop long-term solutions with suppliers, other businesses, NGOs and government. We report annually on how we are tackling modern slavery through our Slavery and Human Trafficking statement.

Nutmeg Factory List

As a responsible retailer we understand that our customers and stakeholders expect us to be transparent about how we operate. Since the launch of our Nutmeg clothing range we have worked to build strong and long term partnerships with a select number of suppliers who share our values. This list includes first tier manufacturing factories producing our Nutmeg branded range of clothing, and will be updated on a regular basis.